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Toto covern Weezers Hash Pipe

quote (California Rocker) :

For those not in the know, the “Odd Couple” relationship between the legacy rock band of the late 1970s and ’90s millennial whizzes Weezer is the hottest story in music. It all started when a fan requested Weezer to cover Toto’s “Africa.” Weezer responded with a cover of Toto’s “Rosanna,” and followed up with “Africa,” the latter of which has been a huge hit for Weezer.


Star Wars „Cantina Theme“ played with a pencil


Wer auf Spotify nicht die Muße hat sich selbst Playlisten zusammenzuklicken, findet auf dieser Seite diverse Tools die das nach einstellbaren Parametern für einen tun.



Zwar schon was älter, wollte es mir hier aber trotzdem mal ablegen.

Aus dem Webseitentext:

„Chrome Music Lab is a collection of experiments that let anyone, at any age, explore how music works.“


Quelle: Google Chrome Music Lab

lerchenfelderr’s 2017 best nine on Instagram via #2017bestnine

fhem: Monitor the Junkers CT100 Smart Thermostat (aka NefitEasy)

After installing the CT100 smart thermostat I was checking for possibilities to use its data in fhem, and found a Node.js snippet by Robert Klep. In the following I explain how to setup the NefitEasy client and connect the data to fhem on a Raspberry Pi. Weiterlesen „fhem: Monitor the Junkers CT100 Smart Thermostat (aka NefitEasy)“

fhem: prevent random assignment of USB devices in /dev/ttyUSBx

I have connected more than one USB devices to my fhem Pi home automation server. When restarting the server, after an update for example, it is kind of a gambling how the system is assigning the USB devices to /dev/ttyUSBx. Instead of changing the fhem configuration after every restart you can link to definition to /dev/serial/by-id/.  Weiterlesen „fhem: prevent random assignment of USB devices in /dev/ttyUSBx“

Heating control: Junkers Control CT100

Last year I moved to my new flat, which is equipped with a condensing gas boiler by Junkers, for heating and warm water supply. But it was delivered with a normal thermostat to control the system. From the beginning I planned to build a smart home, so also the heating system has to become smart. I figured out some options, first tried to realize it with tado, what didn’t work well in my case, and finally came across with the smart thermostat of Junkers, the CT100 (a.k.a. Nefit Easy).

Weiterlesen „Heating control: Junkers Control CT100“

fhem: SONOS Speaker support

With the SONOS module it is possible to interact with Sonos speakers via UPnP connection. With this feature you can easily create wakeup programs or speaker announcements.   Weiterlesen „fhem: SONOS Speaker support“

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